Uncover the Benefits of Car Window Tinting in Warwick, Queensland with Xpel

Living in Warwick, Queensland, you know the sun can be relentless. What if there was a way to shield yourself from its rays, keep your car cooler, and enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics simultaneously? Enter car window tinting – a popular and practical solution to this triple threat.

Car window tinting not only improves your vehicle’s visual appeal but also provides protection from harmful UV rays and reduces heat inside your car. At Coolaz Tint & Protection, we specialise in professional tint car services using Xpel products. Xpel offers three leading window tint options – Xpel CS, Xpel Prime XR, and Xpel Prime XR Plus. Each variant comes with unique benefits suited to different needs. Book Your Vehicle In Today

Metallic Silver 2022 Nissan Patrol with new window tint installed side view
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Xpel CS is a non-metalized, sun-blocking film that does an excellent job shading car windows. Its dyed film composition reduces glare and heat, enhancing your comfort and reducing the burden on your vehicle’s air conditioning system. The cost to tint car windows with Xpel CS is easily offset by the advantages it brings to your driving experience.

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Next up is Xpel Prime XR. This ceramic film not only reduces glare but also blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and a substantial amount of infrared radiation, maintaining a cooler interior without compromising on the natural view. Prime XR allows you to enjoy the Queensland sun without the harmful side effects.

Xpel XR Plus ceramic window tint logo

The crème de la crème is the Xpel Prime XR Plus. This multi-layer, nano-ceramic tint offers superior heat rejection, blocking up to 98% of infrared radiation. Prime XR Plus enhances privacy and reduces glare while ensuring crystal clear connectivity for your devices. Its superior composition does come with a higher cost to tint car windows, but the unrivalled comfort and protection it delivers are worth every penny.

Choosing the right tint for your vehicle is crucial, and the choice becomes easier with Xpel’s range of products. Car window tinting in Warwick, Queensland is not just about shading car windows; it’s about improving your driving comfort, protecting your vehicle’s interior, and ensuring your safety from harmful sun rays.

At Coolaz Tint & Protection, we strive to make your tinting experience smooth and satisfying. Visit us today and feel the difference a professional tint can make! Book Your Vehicle In Today

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White 2022 Ford Ranger Ute with new window tint installed side view


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